A Summer Summary

"SummerThis year the Summer Reading Club attendance averaged 25 children each week. Special weekly programs were informative and fun, with the primary purpose to keep children reading over the summer months. This year the children recorded a total of 500 books read during 432 hours of reading.

Summer provided an opportunity to introduce the newest readers to excellent books during the library’s 8-week Summer Time Story Time. Most people enjoy being read to, and for three, four, and five year olds, Story Time provides an opportunity to learn about the library, choose books to read at home, and make and visit with new friends. Story Time continues this fall each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

The Library Staff and Volunteers were on hand at the New York State Festival of Balloons over the Labor Day Weekend. A special visitor, Booker B. Owwl, greeted Festival goers in between the rain showers. This is the third year the library has maintained a booth on the field to acquaint visitors with library services and resources."Booker