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A Friend of the Library is:

A life-long learner who believes that public libraries provide a wealth of information …..

A literacy supporter who wants to foster a passion for reading in ALL ….

A parent who wants the same opportunities for his/her family as others have ….

An individual who shares the belief, “Give the Gift of Reading ….It Lasts a Lifetime!”

A person who believes there is a future for public libraries ….

Be a Friend of the Dansville Public Library.

An application is available at the desk or here.

NEWSLETTER               FALL 2017

Dear Friends,

This is my first official communication since being asked to step in as President of the Friends of the Library.  I look forward to working with the great staff of the Library.

The new & repaired fencing around the Library is looking great.  Most of the funds for this came from YOUR  support.  Thank you for your continued contributions which are helping to maintain  such a fine community facility.

At my first meeting  with the Friends executive Board, we discussed ways the Friends can help the Library.  If you have suggestions for  programs or fund raising projects, please  contact any Staff member or drop me a note  in care of the Library at 200 Main St.  Budget restraints always limit purchases & programs and this is where we come in.  The more fun & interesting activities around the library, the more people will want to join in!

Actually, the Friends’ funds are  very low!  In order to support programs in place or introduce new ones, we will need to bring the balance back up.  In this mailing you will find tickets for our Fall raffle — I hope you will ask your friends to buy a ticket or two, or you can purchase them for yourself.  More tickets are available at the Library desk.

The time spent with your children reading is priceless.  My fondest memories of my son’s childhood start with the time we would sit and read books together.  We both knew his favorite stories word for word.  The quiet time together builds a bond that will last a lifetime.  Now I enjoy the same experience with my grandchildren.

Children with these bonds and knowledge will find their academic studies much more enjoyable.  This is why Miss Brandy holds “Baby’s Book Buddies” storytime every Thursday morning  at the Library at 10 a.m. for children 6 months &  up.  Early literacy makes a big difference in your child’s social and educational development.

Here is an alternative to the TV & electronic device distractions.  The Library’s new program, “1000 Books before Kindergarten” encourages families to read with their preschoolers now, before school starts.  As a bonus, it makes great family time together in this often scattered & frantically scheduled life.  When your child participates, he or she will receive rewards as each 100 book goal is reached.  And when your child “graduates” with 1000 books read, he or she will  receive special individual recognition.  And perhaps they will read another 1000 books!  It’s great preparation for their school years ahead!

Hope to see you around the Library soon.

Gerri Waight, Pres. Pro Tem

Starting Balance 1/1/2016                                                                              $17,788.09

Memberships $4,817.00
Raffles  1,049.00
Tea Party  127.00
Fence Project Donations  645.00
Framing Donation 75.00
Total Income  $6,713.00
Total Available For Use   $24,501.09
Fencing, new and restoration                                                                             $15,812.00
Advertising incl WDNY Minute $2,682.02
Postage / Printing 422.24
Performers Fees 220.00
Computers, replacements 1,300.00
Clara Barton Day 25.00
Tea Party Expense 85.90
Advocacy Day bus rides 30.00
Event giveaways, Family Movie Night exp 545.59
Unveiling of “The Librarian” art print, framing 340.19
Read-to-Me Calendars 145.00
High School grads awards, misc refreshments 171.96
NYS Charities filing fee 10.00
 Total Expenses $21,789.90
Balance on Hand 1/1/2017 $2,711.19


      At a meeting earlier this year the following slate of officers was proposed:

             President:   Geraldine Waight

             Secretary:   Mary Ann Holden

             Treasurer:   Annie Constantine

      A ballot was provided in the mailed newsletter with space for write ins.  Newsletter copies are available at the Library’s front desk.   And here is a resounding THANK YOU to Jamie Blum for her years as President.! 


The Friends of the Dansville Public Library invites you to join us and support our Library and the invaluable services it provides.
Click the image below to print an application form. For more information call the Library at 585-335-6720 or email Terry Dearing, Library Director.

Friends of Library Application
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