Library Bids Farewell

The Library has had to bid farewell to two long-time employees, Rosemary Shepard and Claudette Conway.

Rosemary joined the Staff a little more than 25 years ago. She began her working life as a teacher, then was a homemaker, and later joined the "crew" at the library as part time clerk. Rosemary spent many hours organizing, typing, and filing, working partly as secretary and partly as typist. Some of her duties were eliminated as the computer began to make its presence known, but she continued to type and file documents needed to keep library records in order until her final day at work on September 29. An avid reader, she has always been ready to recommend good reading to library visitors.

Claudette Conway has been employed as part time account clerk for more than 16 years. To her credit are timely payrolls and financial reports, and careful and wise counsel. Claudette worked in a similar role at the school district, and became the library’s bookkeeper at that time. When she retired from the school, the library continued to use her services. She has kept our records neat and clear, and many times earned praises from the library’s auditor.

Best wishes for wonderful, well deserved retirements go to both Rosemary and Claudette.