Dansville Public Library is Hotspot

Dansville Public Library has begun a new service for wireless Internet access. Popularly known as a "WiFi hotspot", the Library’s service is available to any visitor to the facility who brings in a laptop computer equipped with wireless networking capability.

Demand for wireless Internet access has been growing as the availability of these services spreads to workplaces and coffee shops. The equipment is very affordable, and most laptops sold today have wireless networking built in.

The Library has provided free Internet access to its patrons since 1996. At its busiest times, patrons must wait their turn for Internet access. Expanding the number of stations would be costly and difficult in the limited space available in the Library. Wireless Internet access increases availability of service with minimal cost.

On your next visit to the Library, bring your laptop with you and try out this new service. Simply boot up, and the wireless networking software in your machine will find and allow your connection. Once connected, you will be greeted with the welcome page announcing the Shepard Memorial Wireless Gateway. The Library requires you to agree to the terms of service, which mirrors the Internet use policy now in force on the hard wired stations.

"WiFi" at the Library was made possible by the efforts of Dr. Tony Witte, long time volunteer at Dansville Public and Webmaster for its homepage, www.dansvillelibrary.org.