It’s Official! and Library Benefits From the Rotary Read-a-Thon

Dansville Public Library is the recipient of $10,703.31, monies collected during the February 2005 Reading Gone Wild Read-a-Thon sponsored by Dansville Rotary Club. The Guinness World Record event, certified by Guinness in July as an official record, featured 100 hours of consecutive reading by participants Scott Vegder, Richard deAsis, Francesca Koycyba, Betty Minemier, Kim Swink and Ashley Standish. The check was presented by Rotary President Richard deAsis and Past President Lois Mann at the Rotary Club’s Annual Changeover Dinner.

This year is Rotary International’s 100th Anniversary, thus the goal was 100 hours of reading. The event was proposed by Rotarian Scott Vegder to promote reading and literacy awareness.

The Read-a-Thon provided an opportunity for Library Webmaster Tony Witte and Dansville Central School Technology Coordinator Jim Blum to set-up a "web cam" which transmitted live action during the entire event.

Rotarian Jennifer Leuzzi organized participation and support from Dansville Central School elementary and middle school students who contributed more than $1000.

The six readers autographed T-shirts commemorating the event, and the shirts are now available at the library.

The Board of Trustees are truly appreciative for supporters of the event, many of whom contributed on line from various locations throughout the United States. The funds will be used in the children’s room as part of the library’s expansion project.