Assemblywoman Cathy Young Presents Library with Grant

Assemblywoman Cathy Young stopped in Dansville to present a State grant in the amount of $50,000 to Dansville Library Director Teresa Dearing and Library Board President David Reinholtz on Thursday, May 5. The grant will be used to help offset the purchase price of the Wilcox Auction Center in January 2006.

"Libraries are an essential part of the community, especially in rural areas," Assemblywoman Young stated. "As someone who grew up in Livingston County, I can remember how important a strong community library was to me and my family. That’s why when I was told of the expansion plans in Dansville, I worked to help offset some of the costs with State funding."

"We are so appreciative of the generosity of the State toward the people of Dansville and the needs of the Library," said President Reinholtz. "This is a continuation of the good works that Senator Patricia McGee had traditionally supported, and we appreciate the Assemblywoman’s efforts."

"On behalf of the Trustees, our patrons and community, we want to thank Assemblywoman Cathy Young for this generous grant which will help us with the expansion of the library," said Director Dearing. "The Dansville Public Library has experienced steady growth in that demand for our services and resources, and the demand has outpaced our facility. The grant will do so much to address the community’s need for additional library space."

New Face at the Library

The next time you’re in the Library, please introduce yourself to Brandy Osheski, Library Assistant for Children’s Programming. Brandy joined the Library Staff on April 5, and she will be coordinating children’s programs in addition to working the main circulation desk.

Mrs. Olsheski’s previous experience with children includes working as a volunteer for Literacy Volunteers of America and for Junior Achievement. She is a graduate of Livonia High School, MCC and SUNY Geneseo. She is "Mom" to three children ages 2 years, 8 years and 13 years old.

We are very pleased to welcome Mrs. Brandy Olsheski to our Staff, and we look forward to an expansion of the services we provide to the children in our area.

New Name, New Address, New Look

We began this website in 1996, before many people had heard of the World Wide Web. We called it "Dansville Community Home Page" and it has become Dansville’s showcase to the world. Since then, of course, the Internet has transformed the way we live and get information. Several other web sites have sprung up to serve Dansville, including Village of Dansville offices, Danville Area Chamber of Commerce, the public school, and many others.

The Library Board of Trustees chose in 2004 to rename our website to simply "Dansville Public Library" to reflect its primary role as a library information resource.

Also, a new web address was obtained:, which is simpler and easier to remember than the original

As Dansville Public Library seeks to further serve the information needs of our community, we will continue to revise and remodel this website. Glitches or lost pages may occur, and we appreciate your patience during our renovations.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions!