Long Range Plan


  • Rhea Walker – President
  • Sherrie Reilly – Vice president
  • Mary Ann Holden – Secretary
  • Mary Harrington
  • William Forsythe

Margo Prak


Dansville Public Library is a community center dedicated to providing a gathering place for residents to explore, to meet, to learn and to relax.

In support of this, Dansville Public Library is committed to:

  1. Serve as a community gathering place and information base
  2. Provide resources to satisfy community needs for popular materials and recreational reading
  3. Foster personal growth and development
  • Goal: Collection Development and Maintenance – Develop and maintain a quality collection of materials in various formats that reflects the needs and use patterns of the community.
Objectives Date Responsibility Completed
Continue to maintain and update the current collection of materials. Survey library users as to their informational and recreational needs in order to develop a library collection that is relevant to the community. Ongoing Director/Staff
Relocate select collections to promote ease of access and encourage use of library materials. Spring Director/Staff
Continue to improve labeling of book spines and shelves to provide better access to materials for patrons, volunteers and staff. Ongoing Staff
Continue to monitor overdue and replacement items. Weekly Staff
  • Goal:  Facility – Present a well-maintained facility that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible to all members of the community.
Objectives Date Responsibility Completed
Begin creating a building manual with general information regarding the physical building. Autumn Director
Ensure on-going maintenance schedules. Ongoing Staff
House Committee to meet annually to assess library interior Annually House Committee
Building & Grounds Committee to meet annually to assess physical building structure and grounds. Annually Building & Grounds Committee
Continue to monitor Shepard porch and column concerns. Ongoing Director/Board
  • Goal:  Staff – Maintain and develop a well-trained professional staff and volunteer base to assist library users.
Objectives Date Responsibility Completed
Establish job descriptions for staff and volunteers. Ongoing Director/Board
Update procedures manual to assist staff and volunteers with day to day operations. On-going Director/Staff
Provide opportunities for staff development. On-going Director/Board
  • Goal: Financial Support – Ensure adequate financial support to enable the library to fulfill its mission and attain both its long range and short range goals.
Objectives Date Responsibility Completed
Continue to monitor and evaluate public funding sources to meet budget needs. On-going Director/Board
Pursue grant opportunities to accomplish the libraries mission and goals. On-going Board/


  • Goal: Governance – Maintain a board structure, composed of committed people with diverse interests who will strive for the wise and efficient management of the resources and facilities used to fulfill the mission of the library.
Objectives Date Responsibility Completed
As the need arises, seek qualified Trustee candidates with expertise in areas such as finance, investment, technology, stewardship of the building, community outreach, etc. and retain a list of potential Trustee candidates for future consideration. Ongoing Board
Provide orientation materials (i.e. Long Range Plan, recent financial statement, previous 6 months of minutes, etc) for new trustees. June Director
Review and revise if necessary the library by-law. July Director/Board
Ensure each library policy is reviewed and revised, if necessary, at least once every five-years. Ongoing Director/Board  
Review mission and create new long range plan in conjunction with OWWL Library System 2023 Long-Range Planning Cohort. March – November Director/Board
  • Goal: Programming – Provide a wide variety of programming for all age groups in the community.
Objectives Date Responsibility Completed
Develop a programming schedule along with a yearly calendar of events for planning purposes. Ongoing Director/Staff
Provide opportunities for library patrons to initiate or suggest programming opportunities. On-going Staff
Work cooperatively with other community agencies and organizations to meet our programming goals. On-going Staff
Continue to provide a Summer Reading Program for children and young adults. Spring – Summer Staff
  • Goal:  Public Relations and Marketing – Inform library users and non-users of the multitude of resources, programs and educational opportunities at the Dansville Public Library.
Objectives Date Responsibility Completed
Maintain and enhance a fully interactive library web site. Ongoing Director/Staff
Maintain library monthly newsletter in the local Penny Saver. Write additional articles as the need arises to publicize library events and services. Ongoing Board/ Director/Staff
Work with local schools to produce programs, to display artwork, poems, or with other projects. Ongoing Director/Staff
Develop and publish a brochure to publicize the Library’s services Spring Staff
  • Goal:  Technology and Equipment – maintain and expand the equipment and technology which enables patrons to not only access the library’s holdings but access additional information and resources outside the library as well as enabling the staff to work effectively and efficiently.
Objectives Date Responsibility Completed
Continue to provide training to staff on Evergreen and Libby. Ongoing Director
Provide materials to increase patron awareness of available resources and services. Ongoing Director/Staff
Review demand for computers and other technology to budget accordingly. Annually Director/Board
Continue to work cooperatively with OWWL Library System staff to maintain both staff-used and patron-facing technology and equipment. Ongoing Director
Develop and implement a schedule for replacing outdated computer hardware and updating software. March Director/Staff


Adopted 3/13/2023