Meeting Rooms

PLEASE NOTE:  Restrictions on meeting room use is suspended in large meeting rooms and is modified for small meeting rooms due to the pandemic.  Please call in advance of any request to use small meeting rooms.  Currently, pandemic restrictions require one person per table in open areas.  Please maintain social distancing and masks are required.


Please note:  Due to an increase in the number of requests for use of meeting rooms, please call the Library for booking information (585) 335-6720.  Thank you.

The use of the meeting rooms in the Dansville Public Library is granted to community groups and organizations whose aims are educational, cultural, and/or for civic betterment but may not be used for meetings which are partisan, commercial, or religious in their purpose or which further an individual’s goal.

No admission fee may be charged at any meeting. Dues or registration fees may not be collected at meetings held in the library. Sales of services, products or related items are not permitted.

Library events will take priority over any and all previously scheduled meetings. The Library will make every effort to avoid cancellation, and will endeavor to move the outside organization’s meeting to another meeting room in the building.

The library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, materials or other items owned and used by the community group, or for personal belongings of those attending any meeting.

An arrangement for room use during times when the Library is closed is permitted. A fee of $20 may be charged for any meeting extending beyond regularly scheduled library hours. A donation for use of the meeting rooms is always appreciated.

It is expected that the meeting room will be restored to its original state and left neat in appearance. A fee of $20 may be charged for Library staff who much clean to return the room to its original state. In addition, failure to clean up may jeopardize the organization’s future use of the room.

Organizations may be required to furnish a certificate of insurance to guarantee the payment of any claims for injuries or damage to persons or property occurring during and arising from the use of the premises by the organization.

REMINDER: Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Library property nor within 200 feet of the building.

Revised 02.24.21