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Tracks In the Snow- New Story Stroll

New Story Stroll is up and ready for your enjoyment.  Take a walk around the fence and enjoy the new panels with the book Tracks In The Snow by  Wong Herbert Lee.  A new twist to the activity this time has animal prints for a guessing game.  This Story Stroll will be up until  January 18.  

Dansville Story Stroll Activities

Dansville Story Stroll

Enjoy a stroll around the library lawn and read a story!   When your done, find the Activity Card  and your bag. Inside your bag, their is a craft, bird trading cards and bird watching (bird search activity) .  Enjoy looking aroung the lawn for birds that are on your handout.

Book Bundles NOW @ the Library!


We have BOOK BUNDLES available at the Library.  I have put together bundles of 5 picture/easy books based on the themes.  I have over 20  themes book bundles ready for pick up.

How do you get Book Bundles?

1. Call the the Library

2. Pick your Theme

3. Schedule a time for pickup (need a different time- let me know)

4. Pick them up curbside