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How to Use the Calendar
How do I view a different month?

To change the month to view, either click on the "Prior Month" or "Next Month" links, or use the selection boxes at the bottom of the calendar to go to any month and year.

How do I get details for an event I see on the calendar?

Click on the event title, or on the day numeral to see details for all events for a given day, including location, time, and a description of the events. Alternatively, click on the "Month at a Glance" button below the calendar to see all events and details for that month. This option is particulary useful if you wish to print a list of calendar events for a month.

How do I add our event to the calendar?

Click on the "Add Item" button below the calendar. This will take you to the Logon screen. If you don't have a Username and Password, click on "Register" and follow the instrucions on the screen. You may select any Username and any Password. If the Username you entered is already selected by someone else, you will be prompted to choose a different Username. Be sure to record your Username and Password for future use.

Once you have a Username and Password, enter these as directed and click "Logon to the System."

Now simply fill in the boxes with your event information. Note that the "Event Title" and "Location" boxes will take only up to 20 characters. The "Details" box has no limits.

After filling in the form, click "Add Item" and you are done.

Oops! I need to change something on our posted event. How do I do this?

Click on the day numeral or event title. Below the tables of events are a series of buttons. To modify an event listing, click "Modify Item." To delete an item click "Delete Item." Only the person who posted the event (or the Webmaster) can modify or delete an event, so you need your Username and Password.

On the "Modify an Item" screen fill in any boxes that need to be changed. Boxes that don't need changes can be left blank. You must click on the small selection circle to the left of the item you wish to modify, even if only one item is listed. When you have completed the changes, click on "Modify Selected Item" and you are done.

On the "Delete an Item" screen, just click on the small selection circle to the left of the item to delete, then click on "Delete Selected Item" and you are done.

I forgot my password. What now?

Email Tony Witte for assistance. Or you may select a new Username and Password and re-register.

I don't have an email address. How can I register and add events?

The registration form requires that something be entered in the "Email Address" box. If you have no email address, you can enter "none." However, it would be better to use an email address of another member of your group so that interested viewers can contact your group about your event.

I still need help!

Email Tony Witte or stop by Dansville Public Library and speak to director Terry Dearing, and we'll do our best to help you.

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Last Modified April 19, 2007
Calendar Script by Selena Sol, modified by Tony Witte. This and other scripts are available at http://www.extropia.com/