Library Workers Day Apr 14

Dansville Public Library will celebrate Library Worker & Assistants Appreciation Day on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 beginning at 10 a.m.   Stop in for a moment or two,  say “hello” to our Staff members, and enjoy a small celebratory treat at the Main Desk.

We are saying a big “thank you” this day to all of those who help our visitors at the desk and on the telephone and email.  These are the people who do the work of getting you what you need and help you navigate the internet scene.  Honored are long-time volunteer Carol Welcher, Library Clerks Linda Chapman and Lacey Keagy, Library page Julie Guzzardi, Children’s Services Coordinator Mary Ellen Arena, part time clerks, Donna Chasey and Penny Leven.  We’re also grateful to those working behind the scenes, Board Treasurer Sue Colegrove and Building Manager, Jim “Drew” Goodell.

Our thanks to the Library Board of Trustees, also volunteers, who support all of us and all of you:  President Rhea Walker, Vice President Sherrie Reilly, Secretary Mary Ann Holden, Trustee Bill Forsythe, and Trustee Mary Harrington.