Public Welcome – by Appointment

Dansville Public Library is gradually re-opening to visitors.  Access to the Library and its collections is now available by appointment.  Many readers can enjoy coming inside to browse and make their own reading selections.  The main doors remain locked, and visitors need to call the Library for access as modified services continue to be observed.

Restrictions are in place.  Face masks are required, and there are hand sanitizing stations throughout the building.  Visitors will be encouraged to sanitize their hands before accessing the collection areas.  All visits are limited to one hour or under.  Everyone must observe social distancing, and directional arrows are placed to guide users on a preferred path of “travel” inside the building.  The small meeting rooms are available for individuals or one person plus one family member or regular “social companion.”

Library Staff members will continue to offer drive up pick up service for those who are practicing more restrictive distancing.  Home delivery is also available; just call the Library at 585-335-6720 to arrange this service.

Use of computers is allowed by appointment.  Newspapers and magazines are available for reading, but only one person per table.  FAX and copying services are also available.  Users are reminded copies are 15 cents per page and FAXes are $1.00 per page.

Occupancy in the children’s area will be more tightly controlled due to limited space and a need to maintain social distancing.  Our littlest readers may have more difficulty in maintaining distance from friends from whom they have been separated for several months.   Again, families are reminded, time in the children’s room  will be limited due to surface sanitizing requirements.

Areas occupied by the public will undergo regular sanitizing following visits.  Computers stations are carefully sanitized after each user.  Copy and FAXing service will be completed by staff members.  Small meeting rooms will also undergo a cleaning regime between visitors.  Restrooms are off limits during this period of modified services.   NO DONATIONS are being accepted.

For questions about access and re-opening guidelines, please call Library Director Terry Dearing at 585-335-6720.