Census and Ancestry.com News

Greetings from the Staff at Dansville Public Library during the COVID 19 shutdown:

ITEM #1 Please be sure to answer your Census 2020 filing! This is so important for state and federal funding resources. It really matters to YOUR LIBRARY! You can answer online, by telephone, and eventually by paper. Help protect live Census workers by using one of these easy social-distancing response methods! And do your part in Livingston, Steuben and Allegany Counties to achieve our goal of a COMPLETE COUNT this year.

ITEM #2 This could be a good time for you to do Family Research at ANCESTRY.COM — now available FREE from their company on your home computers/devices. Here’s the address: https://owwl.org/local-history-resources
Enjoy searching for your relatives, in the past and maybe even new relatives still with us!

Thank you for social distancing! We’ll let you know when your favorite library services become available again.

Be healthy. Be safe!
Terry Dearing, Librarian