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Revision - 2012

Our pioneering website, now 16 years old, is shedding some of its pages. Online Community listing of email addresses is gone. Community Links list of local web sites is retired. Most of the Message Board disappeared except for the Trading Post.

The availability of popular services like Facebook, Google and Wikipedia allow Dansville Public Library to focus our web presence on the services of the Library itself and the needs of our patrons.

Perhaps we have removed a page or service that was valuable to you, or we are missing a service that you need. Please let us know how we can better serve you.

New Look, New Name, New Focus - 2005

We began this website in 1996, before many people had heard of the World Wide Web. We called it "Dansville Community Home Page" and it has become Dansville's showcase to the world. Since then, of course, the Internet has transformed the way we live and get information. Several other web sites have sprung up to serve Dansville, including Village of Dansville offices, Danville Area Chamber of Commerce, the public school, and many others.

The Library Board of Trustees chose in 2004 to rename our website to simply "Dansville Public Library" to reflect its primary role as a library information resource.

Also, a new web address was obtained: www.dansvillelibrary.org, which is simpler and easier to remember than the original dansville.lib.ny.us.

In 2005 major changes have been made to content and organization. As Dansville Public Library seeks to further serve the information needs of our community, we will continue to revise and remodel this website. Glitches or lost pages may occur, and we appreciate your patience during our renovations.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions!

How times have changed! Below is the original introduction to this website, from 1996:

What is Dansville Community Home Page?

Dansville Community Home Page is a directory, a calendar, a showcase, a bulletin board, a gateway to local and global information. It is what you, the people of this community, make it.

How do you use it? If you have access to the internet at home, work or school, come visit your Community Home Page. Browse the information collected here. Send in your community event schedule or resource information for publication.

The URL (address) is http://dansville.lib.ny.us/

If you use America Online, Prodigy, Compuserve, Link Online, or a direct PPP connection such as ServiceTech, Frontier, EZ Net, NetCom, etc, you have access to Dansville's Home Page.

If you don't yet have internet access, come to Dansville Public Library and surf the 'net on the Library's new computer system. The Wayland Free Library also has internet access for patrons.

Dansville Community Home Page made its Web debut on March 13, 1996. It may be creaky and clunky in spots, but it continues to grow. Modeled on and inspired by National Public Telecomputing Network's Free Net concept, Dansville Community Home Page is a not-for-profit community resource that has as its premise that access to information is the foundation of democracy and a free society.

The Dansville Community Home Page is sponsored by Dansville Public Library, but it is powered by the enthusiasm of many volunteers and contributors. Be a part of it. There are many ways to help. Here are a few:

Share your enthusiasm with us. Contact the Dansville Community Home Page via the form on the Feedback Page, or email us at tjwitte@frontiernet.net or call or write Dansville Public Library, (585) 335-6720, 200 Main Street, Dansville, NY 14437.

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